Window Cleaning

Once Purity Clean has made your windows pure, it will feel as though nature is right inside your home.

Why Clean Your Windows?

When it comes to window cleaning, a non streaking result, leaving our client’s windows as though they were glassless, and even making it dangerous for flying birds! That is Purity Clean’s ultimate objective!

When testing out a buffet of window cleaners, often times unwittingly, many settle for window cleaners containing hazardous chemicals that cause instant eye and skin irritation. Some window cleaners contain carcinogenic ingredients and with prolonged use, cancer may develop. Ammonia for example, inhalation of this chemical causes airway destruction that may lead to respiratory failure.

Window cleaning seems like a simple job, but without proper attention to its effects, it can have a long lasting effect on the health of your family, pets and garden. Much thought is required when choosing who cleans your windows and how your windows are cleaned.

Why choose Us?

Purity Clean uses a system that converts ordinary tap water into purified (de-ionized) water, creating a powerful cleaning agent that leaves surfaces spot free without cleaning chemicals or detergents for both residential and commercial Buildings.

Traditional cleaning methods using cleaning agents leave a fine film that attracts dust and other elements. With de-ionized water, surfaces are completely free from film and windows are left absolutely spotless which means they stay clean much longer.

Benefits of having Us do your Windows

  •  It’s environmentally friendly, we use no cleaning agent apart from water.
  • Helps you save money because your windows remain cleaner for longer.
  • We guarantee 30 days of spotless windows.
  • If needs be we will return free of charge within the 30 days.
  • Our method of cleaning protects the seals of your windows prolonging it’s life. If window seals are not cleaned they become pitted and shortly after, your window will require replacement.

Advice to our Customers

Homes located near the ocean are recommended to have their windows cleaned 3 times a year because of salt collection. Once Purity Clean has come into contact with your windows refraining from personal cleaning between our washes will help your windows remain clean longer.

We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!


We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!

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