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First impressions are so important and you take pride in your property. Whether you are a small business, a commercial building, or provide rental units for lease, let us help you make that first impression.

Dirty windows and screens giving you grief? We will clean your windows, screens, frames, sills and even the seals of your windows, prolonging the life of your windows and saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Moss Removal

Moss is a burden that affects the integrity of your roof and trims its lifespan. Vancouver Island’s mild climate, rain and constant absence of sunlight during the colder months, allows for damp, cool and shaded conditions. Such conditions are favorable to moss. The deciding factor of how much moss grows, is the amount of sunlight a roof is exposed to. The more a roof under cool and moist condition is shaded the more moss grows on it, more sun means less moss.

Window Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning, a non streaking result, leaving our client’s windows as though they were glassless, and even making it dangerous for flying birds! That is Purity Clean’s ultimate objective! When testing out a buffet of window cleaners, often times unwittingly, many settle for window cleaners containing hazardous chemicals that cause instant eye and skin irritation. Some window cleaners contain carcinogenic ingredients and with prolonged use, cancer may develop.

House Cleaning Services

Purity Clean is now the proud owner of Guardian Angel Cleaning which gives us a combined 26 years of experience in providing quality services to Greater Victoria. We are confident that this partnership will allow us to serve you even better; offering you even more competitive pricing and continued excellence service.

Our team of housekeepers are well trained and amongst the most experienced in the industry, we guarantee our services. Guardian Angel services include general cleaning, spring cleaning, construction cleaning, move out/in cleaning, pre-sale cleaning and many more.

What Our Customers say

We are so pleased with the results from Purity Clean. I’ve never know such hard working, meticulous window cleaners - it honestly looks like the windows have been removed as they are so clear! Thanks.

Laura and Pete, Victoria BC

Thank you Hopeton, Grant and team! The work was completed with attention to detail and everything looks great. See you next year.

Debbie, Saanich

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We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!


We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!

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