Roof moss removal

Tired of moss on your roof smiling to you and your neighbours?
We can fix that!

Why Demoss your Roof?

Moss is a burden that affects the integrity of your roof and trims its lifespan. Vancouver Island’s mild climate, rain and constant absence of sunlight during the colder months, allows for damp, cool and shaded conditions.

Such conditions are favorable to moss. The deciding factor of how much moss grows, is the amount of sunlight a roof is exposed to. The more a roof under cool and moist conditions is shaded the more moss grows on it, more sun means less moss.

Moss attached to the surface of your roof retains moisture to make it easier for them to feast on your shingles, slates and tiles. This destroys the roof covering, the effects are drastic on asphalt shingles and wood shingles. During extreme cold weather (e.g. slight snow) the shingles under the moss crack and wear out your shingles. One of the greatest dangers is that when moss reaches the protrusions around chimney and skylight, they allow water to get in and damage the ceiling. Save your roof and ceiling by ensuring your are moss free.

Why choose Purity Clean?

  • Our special mixture will gently remove moss with no further damage or removal of your shingle’s surface.
  • Our mixture contains no chemicals and is environmentally friendly.
  • We guarantee 30 stressless months after our visit.
  • If needs be we will return free of charge within the 30 months.

Advice to our Customers

We recommend that you trim any trees overhanging your roof and keep up with regular roof inspection.

We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!


We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!

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