Gutter Cleaning

Plugged up gutters, downspouts dripping, leaks in your roof or pools of water forming at the corner of your house? Give us a call, we will have it under control.

Why Gutter Cleaning?

As seasons come and go, leaves and debris collect in your gutters. Gutter blockage caused by leaves, debris and twigs create a favorable environment for moss to grow on the roof. Standing water in your gutters due to blockage increases moisture around the roof area. Since moss strive in moisture, it begins to grow.

As moss grows on the roof, it sometimes falls or is washed into your gutters. Moss in gutters may sabotage the integrity and lifespan of your gutters. In the presence of moss, gutters made from cement and concrete will begin to drip overtime. Gutters made from metal will eventually start rusting and develop holes.The removal of moss from gutters is harder than the removal of debris or leaves, so it pays to keep your gutters clean. Contact us for gutter cleaning. 

In some cases, blocked gutters lead to a leaking roof or flooded basement; and the weight of standing water and debris can cause gutters to detach from your fascia board. Standing water and rotten leaves in gutters are most definitely an invitation to pests. During the summer, standing water is a present to mosquitoes.

Gutters are an unacknowledged pillar of your home. Living in a province where rain is our daily bread, gutters protect the paint, walls and windows of your home. Clean gutters prevent leaking roofs or flooded basements. Regular gutter cleaning cannot be overemphasized, it’s essential for home maintenance.

Why choose Purity Clean?

Gutter cleaning can be a painful labor-intensive job. Life gets busy and cleaning your gutters can be like facing a giant, we are here for you.

  • Gutters can often times have stubborn dirt clung to it, scraping it off can damage your gutters. We have just the tools to gently clean your gutters, with no tugging, scratching or poking.
  • Cleaning downspouts on your own can be a tricky business since you can’t see the inside with much ease. With our expertise, your downspouts will thank us.
  • After every job we do, we take responsibility for the collected debris. We guarantee to leave your garden and yard as spotless as we found it, or even better.

Advice to our Customers

We recommend that you clean your gutters at least twice a year, Spring and Fall are the best times to make it shine.

We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!


We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!

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