Siding Cleaning

Does the exterior cleanliness and visual appeal of your home reflect who you are? Purity Clean can reverse the time machine of your home’s aesthetic.

Why Clean Your Siding?

The value of your home is heavily based on its aesthetic, and cleanliness plays an important role. First impressions are extremely important especially when you take pride in your property.  Whether you own your own home, have a small business, a commercial building, or provide rental units for lease, you want to make your first impression a memorable one.

Ninety percent of flaking or peeling of paint on surfaces is caused by improper surface cleaning prior to painting. One of the most common mistakes, is painting on top of grease or debris. It is required that paint strongly bonds with the surface it is placed on. Having dirt, dust or other material obstruct that bond, causes flaking and cracking to occur in a short period of time. Therefore, a proper cleansing is required before applying fresh paint.

Have you upgraded your roof to metal roofing? Did you know that metal roofing collects a layer of pollen every year? The collected layer of pollen will later discolour your roof, that however is still better than moss on the roof. We recommend you clean your metal roof at least once every two years.

Why choose Us?

Purity Clean uses the most scientifically advanced purified water cleaning system for your windows, gutters, and all non-porous surfaces of your home, all at the best possible price. We make your siding look as shiny and new as when you first saw them, and in some cases even better. Purified water is:

  •  Extremely gentle on any non-porous surface
  • Superior to pressure washing when it comes to non-porous surfaces
  • Makes an exceptional cleaner prior to painting
  • Extends the life of your exterior

We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!


We would love to be your choice for our quality services at excellent prices!

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