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Our expert team is dedicated to providing top-tier home cleaning services that guarantee not only immaculate spaces but also peace of mind. Discover the true essence of cleanliness and purity with every corner of your home we touch.



At Purity Clean, we believe that a clean environment is a harmonious environment. Our company was founded with a steadfast commitment to use the power of purified water to transform spaces into sanctuaries of purity and serenity. Purity Clean and Guardian Angel have a combined thirty years of experience servicing the Greater Victoria and Vancouver Island regions. With an unwavering focus on quality, professionalism,
and environmental responsibility, we have established ourselves as a premier total residential and commercial maintenance company that exceeds expectations.

Purity Clean

Our Services

Purity Clean is a premier cleaning company dedicated to transforming spaces into pristine havens of cleanliness and freshness. With a reputation built on excellence and attention to detail, Purity Clean offers a comprehensive range of professional cleaning services tailored to meet the unique needs of both residential and commercial clients.

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Window Cleaning

Our residential window cleaning service is tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether you have a single-story house or a multi-story dwelling, our skilled technicians use eco-friendly


Gutter Cleaning

Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection of your gutters, identifying any signs of wear, damage, or deterioration. We’ll provide you with a detailed assessment and recommend


Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness with our exceptional cleaning services. We take pride in our meticulous approach, leaving no corner untouched by our thorough cleaning. Our services

Roof moss removal

The moss removal is guaranteed for up to 24 months. Our skilled professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your roof to determine the

Pressure Washing

We take pride in delivering exceptional cleaning results that exceed your expectations. Witness the transformation of your surfaces as years of accumulated dirt vanish.


Periodic deep cleaning is essential to maintain the longevity and hygiene of your facility. We’ll conduct a thorough cleaning, addressing areas that are often
Worker or labor man hand using electrical hedge clippers for cutting and decorate bushes .Shrub pruning, gardening, Home and garden concept.

Concierge Services

Elevate your living space with Purity Clean’s Concierge Services. Our expert team specializes in minor home repairs and gardening, delivering top-notch solutions
Purity Clean

discounted package

With our discounted packages, you not only experience the highest standard of cleanliness across various spaces but also enjoy cost-effective advantages that reflect our commitment to your satisfaction. Discover the advantage of a spick and span space while enjoying exceptional savings with Purity Clean’s multi-service discounts.
Purity Clean
The core of our business is built around the usage of purified water for 100% of our exterior cleaning. This allows us to adhere to our mission to achieve the highest quality without harming the environment. Purified (de-ionized Water Cleaning is the latest and best in scientific cleaning technology. De-ionized water is produced by the chemical purification (ion exchange) of water from salts, metals, trace elements and micro-particles using special ‘ion-exchange’ equipment.
The result is that de-ionization turns ordinary tap water into the purest water in the world, creating a powerful cleaning agent that leaves surfaces spot free without cleaning chemicals or detergents. This is a scientific fact and not a ‘gimmicky’ or ‘slick’ sales pitch. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is another key principle that defines Purity Clean-Guardian Angel. This is why we guarantee our work We also endeavor to enrich and serve our local communities through our support of various local charities.
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“I’ve been using Purity Clean for over a year now, and I can’t express how satisfied I am with their services. Every time they come to clean my home, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

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